Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Insanity

3 major snowstorms in 10 days.     People are getting a little slap happy up here in Vermont.

Here are some "signs of the times..."

When Mother Nature gives you snow..... we build snowmen and DRESS THEM UP!!
(at the Ryegate winter festival)

An appropriate license plate.........

There is so much ice under all this snow, that many snowplows are getting stuck on top of snowpiles and can't get any traction to get out becasue of the thick ice under their tires.

Here is whay transpired in my own driveway.

Plow truck stuck on top of 5 foot snowbank while pushing snow out of driveway.

Plow driver digging out, to no avail.

 I phoned my neighbor and he came down, got stuck on ice, turned his truck around and gave one big pull to get plow truck out.  A third truck was waiting near me by the street, if we needed more horsepower.   Never a dull moment!

How are you spending your snow days ?

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Amongst this freezing Arctic weather we have been having, I discovered this lovely peacock wreath at the home of a fellow singer during our weekly practices.

Such color and vibrancy in the middle of a deep freeze Thursday!

My photos don't do it justice.

After seeing this very creative art, it got me to thinking:
that somewhere in Vermont there is a naked peacock.....

There was also an original painting of a barn on one of the walls in the singing room as well.

Ironically, I have a photo, somewhere, of the same barn.

Have a great day and where ever you are, try to smile and make it a great day.