Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Grazing - Trick or Treat ?

Last night was so quiet as the snow fell and this morning it was a winter wonderland here.

Miraculously we still had power and heat.

The cows had lots to say as I hiked through the field to move them to another field.

They wanted hay and were getting ready to head for the hay storage area.

As I walked closer, they gave me " the look."      Which translates to:    "Drop THIS side of the fence down so we can stroll down to the hay barn."

I tried to explain to them that there were acres of good nutritious grass, right under the snow, that had been stockpiled for their dining pleasure.     They weren't buying it and instead crowded down to the end of the field heading to the hay.

I dropped the fence down into the new field and they reluctantly came my way slowly.... and then started running to get there first.

They quickly got down to the business of grazing the green lush grass that was beneath the Halloween snow.

Not more than 5 inches of snow covered their fresh lunch.

My friends in NH got 20 inches of snow on their fields and their cows are now eating hay 3 weeks earlier than normal.     $$$   

The sky looks like more snow could fall, but the sun keeps peeking out every so often, so its hard to say how the rest of the day might be.

The cows have lots of feed and tomorrow they continue their rotation to another field and then another and another.

This is Glory's first snow and she is a bit confused as to what is going on.....

The rest of the spring born calves are taking it in stride.

While the herd was chowing down on their cold lunch, the local deer were munching on sweet apples.

The empty corn fields look much  different than they did yesterday.

The neighbors milking herd of Holsteins are out snow grazing too.

No one can afford to start feeding expensive hay until all possible grazing areas have been depleted.

Up and down the Valley many other cows are outside having a cold nutritious lunch today.

This is New England and as usual the weather will change again soon.

I am eagerly waiting for "Indian Summer."

Happy SnowTober to you all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Day Before the Snow Arrives

There is a big storm brewing.     Its a Nor'Easter coming this way.

I spent last week in an intense training program about Agricultural Medicine and Occupational Safety.   A few times we were in class 14 hours a day.    
My head spins with all the information I learned.    The books, notes and manual weigh 50 lbs. 

The location for the final training was picturesque and calm.       I needed it.

Beautiful waterfowl visited often.

I don't think this is a loon.  Anyone know what it is?

The fog rolls in every afternoon

It was great to get back to the herd and the last of the green grass.

I hope we don't get socked too badly with the snow.

For everyone in the storms way-- THINK SMART, STAY SAFE.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Mountains & Farm Markets

The cows greet me in the morning for their treats.       Some are a bit more pushy than others....

The neighbors multicolored Scottish Highland cattle

Local farmers are harvesting and selling all kinds of veggies and fruits before Mother Nature brings the snow and ice.

A well built barn with morning glories climbing up the front.

                           A huge cow weathervane.      Copper, with a great udder.

A real farm road with farms, tractors and farm markets all on one road.

Shades of green on the fields as farmers continue to harvest hay.  The mountains are turning purple.

Clouds are moving back in.         More rain coming.

This cooler weather makes me crave hot apple cider and doughnuts.  

The autumn church suppers are going to be starting very soon in this very rural area.

I can hardly wait.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday With Cows

The rain has temporarily stopped. The sun has come out from the clouds and the grass is still growing. The cows are still happily grazing the fields.

The calves have grown strong and muscular and are acting more like their adult herd mates.

Many leaves have been blown away by the storms and wind, but the trees are still stunning.

Wish they would last for months.

Lots of great old barns look great surrounded by autumn color.

Jillian has grown into a very calm, gentle gal.   She has good manners when asking me for crackers and now understands several commands, especially the critical "back up." 
Jillian is Wanda's 2010 calf.    She is as mellow as her mom.

Wanda is still the cow whom everyone asks me about.       She stands out in the herd.  Not just for her brilliant color, but for other reasons as well. 
Wanda follows turkeys, pigeons and planes and sometimes forgets to come when she is called to come to the upper field because she is slowly following a caterpillar or a grasshopper in the tall grass.   Nothing escapes her curiosity.

~  She is one of a kind.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall in Vermont

The big question around here is when will the rain stop?
Big storm late this afternoon and the wind was blowing hard.
Blew the flower pots off the front porch and millions of leaves danced off the trees and across the fields.

The local round barn

Fields of painted trees

                                                             Waiting for apples and squash

The grass is still green and lush.

The bulls "date of the day."

Wet moms and calves

Mountainsides of color

Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather and the fabulous colors