Tuesday, December 24, 2013

White on White

In my winter travels recently I came across winter scenery that always warms my heart.

Draft horses, decorated village homes and old barns.

And for a little color....

Here is the cherry truffle at church fellowship.

and the poinsettia that my flock thought was for them.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Hope Santa's reindeer leave you some magical fertilizer!

Oh light, bovine!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Red Bike

The bike that I never noticed all year, looks completely different when the snow came.

I never noticed the ladder leaning on the tree in the back, either.....

What a difference a little snow and some greenery can make.

What have you transformed from "normal" to spectacular ?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barns & Babes

Lost on a backroad with no signs...... GPS was wrong. 
But the barns, snow and fences were beautiful.

When I finally reached my destination my friend showed me the kitten she rescued from her pond the evening before.   "Swimmer" now has a permanent home.  So far this little pixie has caught 2 mice and is earning her keep. 

When I return home, I usually have a welcome committee meeting me in the driveway.  Most times I have Marilyn pecking at the window, while sitting in my porch chair, urging me to come back out with treats.

Do you have one critter that "stalks" you ?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wreath'n, Vermont Style

The store windows on Main Street are all decorated with lights and trees.

There are a few unusual ones too.

Here are my favorites:

Santa and his "test drive" with one reindeer.

Mickey and; Tigger

Minnie and Mickey

As it gets colder, it becomes time to drag out 20 trees to the front of the stores and plant them in the barrels that we plant flowers in.  A good crew joined us to complete the project.    It was -7 degrees.

It is a real skill to get the trees to fit in the buckets and stand straight.
The trees had to be untied, "fluffed up," trunks cut to fit, branches trimmed and wires tied.
Festive lights were placed on them the next day.

After planting trees and warming up a little, I headed to my local greenhouse to look at holiday baskets and festive wreaths.

I like living trees, but already have a few.

The owner made a special one for me to hang on my coop.
Complete with chicks, straw hat, eggs in a basket, Simmental cattle and tiny cow bells hanging in the middle.

Looks good on the coop.

The Main Street trees that we put up looked really good after the 12 inches of snow we got on Sunday.

 Up the road, the neighbors have a vintage creche in their yard.  Its older than I am.

Of course, I love the cow.

I think this scene needs a few chickens and some real hay.....

The local wildlife are also being subjected to holiday decorations.

Have you got your barn, coop, doghouse or garden decorated this year ?
Anyone using solar lights ?