Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Transition

From the stall

To the barnyard

Then to the field, with supervision, and then......

FINALLY back to the herd~!!!
I feed sweet Whisper grain in the field, and check on her every day. She has weaned herself from milk and constantly has her head down eating grass. I still worry about her and am aprehensive about having her out in the large fields, but realize it is better for her to be back with the herd. The cows teach the calves so much during the summer months. She wont regain the weight without all the good nutrients she gets from the grass. Paws crossed she doesn't have a relapse. Her special stall is still set up for her if she needs it. Polio Encephaliomalcia is what almost killed her. Sounds horrible, doesn't it ? It's VERY rare. Find it online and read about it.

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