Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Brookside Whisper

Whisper is keeping up with the herd as it moves from field to field. She usually brings up the rear when we move the herd across roads, but she greets ALL the traffic controllers with a gentle personal greeting-searching their hands andpockets for snacks. Today I found her with the other calves in the woods, drinking out of the cold mountain stream. She is peaceful, well fed and content. Her peers are much larger than she is. It wasn't long ago that she was the largest calf in the herd. Her near death experience will probably take 6 months to really recover from. Until then, I check on her, feed her grain, spray her with fly spray and rub her favorite spots. She is a delightful calf to be around and learn from. Please keep Whisper in your prayers for a full recovery.

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