Monday, September 14, 2009

Alpaca & Reptile Disaster Training

A whole day dedicated to learning about the good, the bad and the ugly about handling exotic animals in disaster situations. Mother Nature cooperated, as usual, and the rains poured down on us for 8 hours. Just like a real disaster situation.
Us students learned how to herd, handle and load animals for transport. We were taught where the most dangerous parts of an alpaca are and how they respond to human interaction in most situations. In the midst of our class, two alpacas gave birth. What perfect timing~! One was a normal birth and a normal cria and the other was an abnormal birth and a premie cria.
After the alpaca training it was time to learn about reptiles~!! Lizards, turtles and snakes topped the guest list~!! The class was held inside so all the cold blooded reptiles could stay warm. There was lots to see, touch, capture, handle and learn about. The disaster responders that came from all over New England went home with many new skills and alot of knowlege about some little known species that need special care and handling in disaster situations.

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