Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lots of Bad News

Today I found out that we have to sell more than half the herd.  There isn't enough hay to feed the number of cattle we have through the winter. The new haymakers were not dilligent enough to continue making hay after September 1st.  Many of my cows have to find new owners.  It's a hard decision. I have strived for the best grass fed genetics, certification and an excellant reputation and now it's all down the drain.  This present economy makes it impossible to find buyers for premium cattle. I have been advertising since April in every available media with no response.   Many other farmers are in the same situation.     My cows are my family.
If we can't sell them in a reasonable amount of time before it starts snowing, they will all have to be shipped for slaughter.  Unthinkable.

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