Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Surprise

I called the herd this morning.   They were eager to answer.   As the herd came down the hill, I counted heads and tails and found an extra head.

A cute head.  A red head.  A bull calf head.

The 3 year old cow, Sunset, had a good looking boy.   He was really goofy and came right over to me to check me out.  He was probably born at sunset yesterday.  Appropriately.

We have been waiting since April for the last 2 cows to calves.  I check on them every day and there is never any change in their udders...until 3 days ago.  Sunset's udder started to get just a little larger and then I knew it would be soon.   Ahhhh relief.     One more cow to go.

Apparently the bull had a squabble with these 2 cows and waited until the last possible moment to breed them.

In November the vet who did all the cows pregnancy checks warned us there were 2 cows who were going to be "exceptionally late" calvers this year.

The last cow due is the one behind the new calf.

Anyone want to make a guess WHEN this cow is going to have her calf ?

The person who guesses the closest date gets a pint of pure Vermont maple syrup.

Don't be shy!!!   Make your best prediction in the comments section.

Guess the gender of the calf, if you would like to as well.

Go at it!

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