Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Joy in Mudville

Finally, Wilma is able to nurse the twins. The vet came again last night and gave her mega antibiotics to get rid of her horrid uterine infection. At 9 am, this is what I found as I opened the back door to the barnyard. I was all smiles. The larger twin, WHISPER, still drank 3 quarts of milk replacer and the smaller twin, WIDGET, didn't want any. So guess who is stealing all of moms milk. I pray that Wilma's milk will increase as the antibiotics take affect. I am still a nurse maid to the twins twice a day. They both come a running when they hear my voice. Its really funny to witness our routine.
I just want Wilma to get better. Its been 2 weeks today since she surprised me with 2 wet calves. Its been a struggle to keep all 3 of them alive and healthy. Well worth it.

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