Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Adventure

The sun came up and the thermometer rose this morning to 48 degrees. NO WIND.
The twins are out in the field now with their mom running around and coming to be fed when I call them. No new calves today and it looks like it might be a few days before the 2nd group of cows start calving. It's a perfect day to go fishing. Ironically , I found a really great spot the day I had to drive 15 miles to go to a new vets place to get drugs for the sick calf. The vet said he catches brownies there by the dozen. I couldn't get there fast enough today. This part of the Williams River is in a remote area and runs under one of the longest covered bridges in the region. The views and the wildlife are spectacular. Lots of mountains in the distance, the sound of rushing water, deep pools of clear water teaming with aquatic life and the distinctive sound of song birds in all directions makes for a one of a kind experience. Additionally, ducks of all breeds and creeds, use the river as a runway to go from one area to the other. They fly under the bridge going 60 mph in groups of 2, 4 & 6. I sat on the embankment and drank in the heat from the sun, the smell of the crystal clear water and the clean air. How lucky I am. I met several interesting hikers, fishermen and one very bold trout. The temperature of the water was 44 degrees, which is not suppose to be conducive to catching trout. However, I had a trout hooked on within a few moments of tossing my line in. It gave me a very nice fight until he jumped off. Some hikers pointed out an even better spot to go catch some larger fish and I will try that tomorrow after I feed the twins. Did I mention that I Catch, Kiss & Release all the fish I catch ? Great fish shouldn't be caught just once~!

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