Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Adding Color

Today there was a rather large snow storm eating up most of the midatlantic and east coast of the nation.
This area was heavily hit with 60 mph winds, 12-14 inches of fast falling snow, sleet, black ice and all the complications of some very nasty weather.  Trees fell, schools were cancelled, roads were empty, birds flew south and the Orange Prince would not venture outside at all.  He kept himself well hidden all day long, somewheres in this enourmous old farm house.  The farm dog would only go out once and refused to exit at any other time.  I kept waiting for the power to go out.  It didn't...yet.    
When I ventured out to shovel the vehicles off, I discovered the porch pumpkins had been "painted" by Mother Nature.  I think she did a really nice job of it.

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