Monday, December 28, 2009

The Most Wonderful Gifts

I drove home in a mini blizzard today. 4 hours to go the last 60 miles, cars all over the road and some off the road. Lots of ice under the snow making for dangerous driving conditions.
The big gift giving holiday is finally over. Although I did not recieve physical gifts, I was fortunate to have had a few unusual experiences that involved many many wonderful animals and a few really good honest people. That is a real gift to me.  Real things, not something you have to buy. Other gifts were things that I saw, made by Nature.  Mother Nature continues to create her unique art all over the landscape and here are a few items of interest:

SnowTree Mushrooms

Stone & Snow Retriever

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  1. Janis how I enjoyed reading through your blog, I shall return. Good Tidings to you and a Happy New Year, I believe we will be snowed in !!