Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raychel Ray

"Ray Ray",  or RR, as I call her, is a coming 2 year old, blocky, mostly red angus with a touch of some magical Simmental in her. She is the great grandaughter of the legendary foundation cow Rabbit. She has the type, color, frame and red ring eyes that I strive for in my herd cows.   RR is due to calve in April.  Her first time.  She is bred to a Registered Polled Hereford known for his heavy weanling weights and high grading carcass quality.  I am hoping for a good size red bull calf. 

I have taken oodles of photos of RR as she has matured.  Here are some from last fall and last week.
Her secret addiction is those dried apple horse treats. She turns her nose up at anything else.

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  1. What a good looking lady Miss RR has grown into. Winslow Homer is partial to his dried chicken treats and turns his nose up at anything else.