Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Gift

It's official:  Calving Season has begun.

The first calf arrived last evening under the watchful eye of the herd.   This is the first calf for this particular young cow and she has done a wonderful job.   We used a new bull last year so there is much anticipation about what kind of calves he will have.  His information looked great on his registration papers, but its another thing to actually see those statistics in real flesh and blood.    This calf was born small and popped out with no assistance needed, and that is a priority here. He is also up and nursing heavily. Something else I delight in seeing. 
Mother Nature is cooperating as well: Most of the mud has dried out from 2 glorious days of sunshine and soft winds.   May the mud continue to dry and may the rest of the herd have calves before more rain and cold return to the north country.

Of course his name will be Patrick. .....Much better than "Cabbage."

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