Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wearing Your Green

Tis a special day today.  I have been celebrating, in small ways, since March 1st :   I slowly weaned myself off of my crutches, almost completely.  I started driving again and kicked all the mice, who moved into my sedentary truck, out the door!   I went out for some homemade awesome pizza with a friend I had not seen in 26 years.  I visited horses. I kissed all my cows regardless of the 2 feet of mud I got stuck in.  I wrote a check for someone who needs help. I called my mother every day this month.  I tried not to swear more than 4 times an hour. I tried to actually eat a decent meal once a week.  I did laundry and did not mix the whites in with the colors. I filled the bird feeder.  I watched the news and didnt change the channel 18 times in 10 minutes.  And of course I wore me green every single day.  I love March. I love calving season. I pray there is no more mud when the calves start hitting the ground.  4 days of torential downpours has eliminated all the snow, created ponds in places that have ducks and geese on them and increased the amount of mud ten fold-on every dirt road in the state. I love March Madness, Mischevious cats, Mud Season, Pizza with 4 cheeses and healthy newborn calves.  
 As the Gold Prince would say: " Happy Saint CATricks Day."

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