Monday, July 11, 2011

July Hay'n

It was 90 degrees today.  A perfect July day to cut grass and make hay.

Boy, Its hard to concentrate when the field across the street is having its 2nd crop of hay cut for haylage.

The aromas are delicious and the parade of field equipment is divine.

This hay was blown into a dump truck and all picked up and done in 90 minutes

After the field was cleared of hay, equipment and men, a doe and fawn came out into the field and frolicked for an hour.  The 2 week old fawn ran all over the field practicing her maneuvers while mom grazed,  until sundown came and then they quietly dissapeared into the woods.


  1. I love the smell of fresh cut hay. Oh, how many bales I could make there! Nature is beautiful and I'm glad you got the chance to see the doe and fawn.

  2. Haying is about finished in our area. We are seeing those huge round bails everywhere. I remember helping bale hay as a kid, heaving those bales onto the wagon and itching like crazy for days after. Beautiful shots.