Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story Books On The Go

The economy may not be good, but if you are creative you can do well in a new business venture.

Here is what I was witness to while driving thru a town in north central Vermont:

A normal looking book store.......

Until you drive by the drive up story teller window.       Not kidding.

If your child won't fall asleep, a quick trip to the story teller always works.    She reads a story to the child who is usually happy to go for a ride AND get a special story.     Gets real busy at nap times.

And....If you don't have time to park and run in for a new book, just call ahead and they will have the book waiting for you at the drive thru.

 Are you smiling yet?

I want to start one in my town.

Anyone else got one in their town ???


  1. No.Just your standard, run of the mill public library, and grandma's book basket.

  2. Is that your car in the drivethrough? Busted, you needed a booky read didn't you? Ha Ha. Just kidding. I'm not sure my kids would go for this. My question is what does the multi-tasking Mom do while this is going on. I'd end up falling asleep not the kids. Maybe this is a stretch for the business. Got to give them credit to bring in more business any way they can.
    God Bless

  3. Okay, not that's too funny! Nope, we don't have one, but then we don't even have a bookstore, only a library, and if you want a current book, you have to order it and wait about 2 weeks for it to come in. Would love one of these!

  4. We don't have one but oh my what a wonderful idea!
    I'd wear out a copy of The Sleep Ponies for sure if I had someone to read it to me. Do they have a drive you home service too? :)