Friday, October 26, 2012

The Cows Said....

I went and had a chat with the herd this morning.

Its hard to believe that in a little less than 2 years they have survived 3 floods, a road collapse, their barn burning down and the other barn collapsing in an ice storm PLUS Hurricane Irene.

So, I needed to inform them about another big bad hurricane possibly coming to Vermont.

It was a scary night for me when Hurricane Irene came tearing up the Connecticut River and right over my head last August as I sat in my vehicle as the winds shook it violently, in the cemetery, right next to the herd.    It was good planning and luck that they survived that storm unscathed. Other livestock in the state were not that fortunate.   And now it might happen again, so I wanted to just warn them and talk things over.

They will have to be moved to another area, away from trees, power lines and streams.

A roll or two of hay will be brought to their evacuation area so they have something to munch on before Sandy gets really ugly.

And I will again be parked next to them as the storm beats on us.

They listened attentively as I spoke:

"What do you think of this Hurricane Sandy coming to bother us ?" I asked.

 Their response?

"No big deal. Bring your sleeping bag."

And then went right back to grazing.

I guess this herd feels they have "seen it all."

Don't underestimate the power of a storm.

Hope you are all making plans for your family, pets and livestock.  Don't wait til the last minute.

Stay tuned to the weather stations, stock up on water, batteries and good books..


  1. We're in Minnesota so I can only imagine the stress you're going through right now. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope that this one passes without incident too!!

  2. Stay safe and I hope it is not too bad

  3. Hi the post....pray you and your herd make it through the storm nice to hear you really care about the animals to...not like some....stay safe....Blessings Francine.

  4. I'm getting a, a lot...nervous. We sit directly in the path of where it's expected to hit land. Yes, about 115 miles inland, but that's close enough. It's the wind I'm worried about! Hope you stay safe too!

  5. We've been very busy the last 2 days preparing. Due to the fact we may not be able to move the herd back to their home farm on Thursday, they are being moved today. DH is bummed!! He loves having the cows here.

    Been busy securing things and putting up storm windows (after cleaning all windows). Trying to get as much done while the 70F weather holds.

    Filled the gas cans, checked the generator, need to get matches and milk (in case the farm looses power). The chickens will be fine in their coop, if need be. They will be the only livestock left, besides 2 cats.

    Yup, lots of prep going on here, just in case.

  6. You and your cattle have been through a lot. Praying this one misses you.