Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Color

The fall colors have arrived and are breathtaking.  The reds are really red.

The peak areas are now in central Vermont... and right here.

All the local farm markets and farm stands have lots of fresh veggies and fruit waiting for you.

Its onion and potatoe season!!

Of course there is maple surup on most shelves.    Get yourself some.

I learned a new brussel sprout recipe this weekend and it includes maple syrup, so I will be gettting some.

On the back roads of the mountains there are little farm shacks that sell veggies by the honor system.

Its nice to see that the Honor System still works!

The specialty at this farm stand are snake gourds.   Very unique.

Still some sweet corn left in some areas.   Pumpkin pie is everywhere . And pumpkin ice cream , pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin casserole.
What veggies and sweet stuff is available in your area this month?
Got your pumpkin yet ?


  1. Everything is done here. The pumpkins are in the fields ready for picking. Love the colors of Vermont.

  2. No pumpkins yet (all my plants died) and no color and peak is usually Columbus Day weekend (last weekend).

    Mostly dull yellow here, I suspect it's o be a poor showing here this year.

  3. Hello Janis, yes, pretty colors everywhere this time of year. I`ve got my pumpkins, orange and white, BOO!!!! Blessings Francine.