Sunday, April 18, 2010

How To Make A Vermont Farmer Cry

I had an interesting adventure out to Indiana.    It's a whole different planet out there.  Corn is King.

I am afraid to tell my farmer friends what I found out there:

NO snow

NO mud

NO salt on the roads.

NO rust on vehicles

The SUN stays up until 8:45pm~!!!!

FLAT land    For miles.  And miles.... and miles.   And miles.     

Not a tree in sight. 

 "Plots" of land of several thousand acres each.

In fact, FLAT land can be seen CLEARLY for 9 miles in all directions.

There are also NO rocks.  Anywhere.   For 9 miles in all directions. NO Rocks.

Do you see any rocks in the fields ?  I don't

Do you see any rock piles or stone walls ?  I don't.

The soil here is fertile and black in color. Beautiful.  NO rocks. Not even a pebble.

For early April, it was a pleasant surprise to see these red bud trees all over the area.

We don't get buds like these until May.

Another amazing thing that I saw thousands of, were Silos.    These kind actually function properly.

Also saw many many windmill farms.  These are enourmous structures.  There were 250 of them in a line that went for 20 miles and I could actually see most of them.

When I saw the sun set the first afternoon I was there, I was awestruck.  The sun in Indiana is TEN times the size of the sun here in Vermont.  I kid you not.   Gigantic.  And much warmer than our tiny sun here. It was 85 blistering degrees all last week in Indiana while I was there.  It was 39 degrees here when I got off the plane in my town.  A woman from Maine also noticed the size of the sun, the lack of rocks and trees and the abnormally flat landscape.     I regret not taking a photo of the sun going down last week.  A Totally mind boggling experience.

Better yet was the flight leaving Indiana and seeing all the thousands of fields from the AIR~!

Click on this photo to really see the sheer number of fields. These fields are several miles wide and long.

Seeing all this farm land made me proud to be an American Farmer.    

It was great to get home to the snow, ice, rusty vehicles, small sun, wicked hilly land, gigantic rocks and cold muddy weather.

I had alot of new faces waiting to meet me in the barn:

One new face didn't recognize me....   It happens..

Thank you Indiana for the educational adventure!

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