Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vermont Signs of Spring

Right now if feels like summer, not spring. The temps have gone from 30 degrees immediately  up to 75 without anything inbetween.   From turtlenecks to T shirts in just 1 day.   
Last weekend was Maple Open House weekend with all the sugar makers opening up their hidden sugar shacks for visitors.  The air was full of the sweet smells of maple syrup.  Yummy!
I watched my neighbor bottle fresh maple syrup while serving maple coffee, maple brownies and maple candy to everyone who came through the door.  I left with an incredible sugar buzz!
I went down to his barn to see what he had for lambs.  I was not dissapointed.
The flock was calm and content chewing their cud and laying outside enjoying cool breezes.
I found lots of twin lambs and moms napping in the barn too.
Vermont farmers can start spreading manure on April 1st .   Farmers love to share the bounty of  winter piles of manure.   Today there was lots of "poop on wheels" travelling from farms to friends gardens.
Gardening will be in full swing very soon up here. The mud is FINALLY drying out. I can also hear the peepers as of yesterday.      Whats going on in YOUR farm area ?

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