Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Another day, another wonderful calf.   Always a nice surprise to check on the herd and find one already up and nursing.

Although it was a bit chilly, lots of happy flowers are growing, budding and blooming.

The local bee keeper stopped by this afternoon for a chat about how happy the bees are. He was distributing his hives to all the local blueberry, apple and peach orchards.

Everyone is getting an early start here in Vermont with their crops and I hope we are able to turn the cows out to pasture, early, as well.   If "green up" continues, the herd might be free ranging again by April 25th.
That is my very hopeful guess.    However, many ponds and lakes here still have a lot of ice on them.

The geese were doing the "ice shuffle" today as big chunks of ice were floating by and crashing into each other.    Trout season starts Saturday and should be very sucessful since there are many open areas on most ponds and lakes. The loons will soon be returning!


  1. Brrr, the geese are hardy creatures in that icy pond! That's one sweet calf, too cute for words. It's been a long winter here too, but nothing like what you face. Glad things are greening up!

  2. Spring seems to have arrived early here too, I was able to till the gardens yesterday. (something I usually am unable to do till May.) The daffodils in back of Budda are very pretty. Spring has sprung!

  3. Winter is fighting to stay with us. We had a new calf yestereday also.