Monday, October 4, 2010

Flood Photos

The Connecticut River overflowed and travelled 1/2 mile inland, flooding fields, farms, barns and homes.

One of the flooded roads.

Acres of corn under water

The famous Round Barn.
Pasture under 5 feet of water and water lapping at the barn door....

When the beaver dam up on the mountain exploded with water from the 7 inches of rain, the mudslide came with hundreds of trees, boulders and a "new waterfall" that destroyed this farmers pasture.  The cows escaped when a fence was cut and they floated to higher ground.

All his topsoil is gone, replaces by giant granite boulders and lots of broken timber.
You can see the waterfall in the back ground.

My street washed out and started a damaging mudslide into a cute house below it. Knocked it right off the foundation, destroyed the yard, picket fence, porches and garage.  Tons of mud and trees blocked the road and cut the power to our end of town.

Waters are receeding today and hopefully the rebuilding of barns, homes and farms can start as soon as we all dry out.      Janis


  1. Hope things get back to normal soon. Glad you're alright.

  2. We are praying in California for those affected. Blessings.

  3. That just makes me sick! I am so sorry!


  4. Oh that's horrible. Hope things are gettin' back to normal or at least dried out.