Friday, October 29, 2010

Moore Barns of Autumn

All barns tell a story.  They reflect the generation that built them and the generation that still respects them and uses them.  Barns tell alot about the past as well as what is going on right now.
The barns in the higher elevations stand alone in their fields, all the leaves gone from their companion tress.  Barns in the lower elevations are still enjoying the colorful leaves that flutter at their doors.

As if the onslaught of emails, phone calls, TV adds, plastic signs, hostile debates and political fliers weren't enough...someone had the gall to use a century old barn as a bulletin board.

Barns need to be preserved.  Owners need to try to salvage the  oldest barns, as those are the ones that witnessed the most of history. Many barns in this area were built in the late 1700's when towns were first developed in this state.

They protected our militia as they fought the British in colonial times and some were used on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War.

The barn below was built in 1854 and is on the verge of being torn down to make way for more condos.

If you have a barn, protect it.  Do the repairs. Be proud of actually having a barn.    
 Every week in this state several barns are demolished, burned or collapse from lack of repair. Worse yet are the barns that are dismantled and taken to far away states to be rebuilt as expensive homes.
Remember what happened to all the hand carved carrosel animals?
Sold to the highest bidder or moved to other countries.  Gone forever.

Don't let that same fate happen to our historical barns.


  1. Oh my goodness....LOVE this...I love barns...and this is a great post.

  2. This is a fine collection of barns. I agree - they need to be preserved if at all possible and feasible.

  3. What a wonderful barn road trip you have taken us on!
    I think I see more barns in disrepair than well-kept. sad.

  4. I totatly agree with you in preservring the barns. They are a big part of our history and desreve respect. These are great photos. Thanks for sharing. Is Janis your name or your dogs??? That is also my name...LOL

  5. It's true many barns are disappearing because of the new landscape the so called condos and suburban houses. Barns are part of our history we should preserve it. Happy Tuesday!
    Barn Charm

  6. Hallelujah, Janis! I'm with you 100%... I wish people would think more about what they're doing when they allow such history to be blown away in the winds... it truly is awful!

    I'd better settle down or my blood pressure will hit the roof!

    Thanks so much for participating & so wholeheartedly, too!

  7. What a nice collection of barns here.

  8. Great barns! I can never see too many of them as I agree they all have stories to tell. :)

  9. Beautiful collection of barns! It is very sad to see the old barns that are so much a part of our history crumbling. Hopefully more people will take an interest in seeing them preserved.

  10. Finding your blog's "Barn Charm" posting was like finding the jackpot of barns! Quite a fun variety!
    Warm regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota