Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. Winter Visits

Yesterday morning snow desended and wrapped itself around leaves, veggies and the last of the delicious fruit in the garden.  I call this a "sugar dusting" of snow.

The mountains have been redecorted in pearls of white and the remaining  pumpkins in the fields look ready for Hallowen.

Did I mention that during the floods of 3 weeks ago that 160,000+ pumpkins went floating down the Connecticut River when that river overflowed its banks and pirated several hundred acres of prime pumpkins down the river?  It was a sight to behold.  Lots of videos about it online. browse: "Connecticut River pumpkins" to see some very unusual phots and video.  There are still thousands of pumpkins stuck in trees now that the river has gone down a bit from flood level.

By this morning most of the snow had melted, all was back to normal, except there was more snow on the mountains and more fog in the valley.

It is getting colder.     Time to stack more wood!


  1. The floating pumpkins and one in a tree, I can hardly imagine. I thought for sure we, in the great white north, would have snow before you. I'm surprised. Must be your elevation, I wonder what the elevation is where you are?

  2. It is beautiful! Amazing to hear about the pumpkins floating away.

  3. Snow! It was 90 degrees here today. I'll have to check out the floating pumpkins. I bet it was a sight to behold!