Sunday, November 7, 2010

Burrs & Burdocks

The cows all looked so good.... until yesterday.

I was shocked when I went to check on the herd and saw this:

The new pasture they went into had burrs and burdocks in the far corners of the field.

Of course the 2 big steers that are leaving next week have them the worse.

The momma cows were much smarter and only had a few that I was able to pick off rather quickly.

But these boys.........

This is how they looked just a few short days ago:

How quickly things change when you got weeds and hell rais'n boys to contend with!

Makes me want to go eat a pie!


  1. As the saying goes,"Boys will be boys.)!

  2. Our cows have the same 'hair ornaments'. They are a mess to remove!


  3. The worst are when they get them under their belly. And yea, always the boys!