Monday, November 22, 2010

Right on Time

The once lush and full pastures are now all empty of livestock.

My Thanksgiving cactus bloomed this weekend.

Vermont Christmas Trees are cut, wrapped, packed and ready to go south.

Unusual meat rubs are on the shelves and ready to be used this week.

Old barns are closed up for the winter, horses look great with their furry hair and......

the neighbors cows are dressed for winter.

There is a natural clock that can not be denied.  A natural rhythm we all follow.    

And if its 8 am, my cows want treats!

If you love cows, eat turkey.


  1. I love the old barn. We call those Christmas Cactus here. You Herefords look lke big pets!

  2. A scottish cow! We have a few around here also.


  3. No, no, no!!! Not turkey. Ick! This year, it's chicken. A big old Jersey Giant rooster.

  4. I do love cows and we're eating brisket for Thanksgiving! Shhh, don't tell them!

  5. All set for winter! Enjoy your Thanksgiving

  6. i didn't know that they grew their hair out every winter. me too!

  7. In our country we call that a Christmas Cactus. How cold does it have to be in the Highlands to grow hair like that? Vermont is just one of my favorite places and I haven't ever been there.