Monday, November 1, 2010

Mothers & Daughters

Its getting closer to weaning time.   It is snowing those big sugar flakes, a little every morning, as the temperatures dip lower and lower in the night. The geese are headed south and the robins are nowhere to be seen anymore.
The calves are running through the fields with vim and vigor as their moms chase after them or merely take a look over the last of the seasons grass to make sure their kids aren't getting into trouble.

Jillian was giving her mom,Wanda, a face bath this morning as I entered the field for our morning cow chat.

These two are always the most interesting to watch.  They play and tease each other like 2 big Golden Retrievers. None of the other cows play with their calves like Wanda does.  She is the most unusual cow I have ever had.
Mellow, protective, playful, WISE, gentle, fussy about her snacks and vocal when it is time to go to a greener field.
All her calves wean heavy and calm. I would love to keep this heifer as a replacement. Wanda's heifer calf from last year was also incredible, but a friend wanted her so I sent her to a new pasture.

These two walk with me all over the field as I check all the other cows and calves.  Sometimes they also escort me all the way back to my truck.

I am always under the all-knowing, watchful eye of Wanda.

Too bad cows can't vote.


  1. Are you keeping the heifers? I'm not sure if we are going to keep ours or not this year. We need to keep at least one so the herd stays fresh.


  2. You have such beautiful and healthy looking cows and calves. I just love reading your post and looking at the pictures.