Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Day Before the Snow Arrives

There is a big storm brewing.     Its a Nor'Easter coming this way.

I spent last week in an intense training program about Agricultural Medicine and Occupational Safety.   A few times we were in class 14 hours a day.    
My head spins with all the information I learned.    The books, notes and manual weigh 50 lbs. 

The location for the final training was picturesque and calm.       I needed it.

Beautiful waterfowl visited often.

I don't think this is a loon.  Anyone know what it is?

The fog rolls in every afternoon

It was great to get back to the herd and the last of the green grass.

I hope we don't get socked too badly with the snow.

For everyone in the storms way-- THINK SMART, STAY SAFE.



  1. What a beautiful shot of the leaves and the sure do live in a beautiful state! Hope the storm is easy on you...we had a bunch of heavy, wet snow today. Not sure if it's quite done yet, but I hope's too early for this kind of weather!

  2. I was just outside and all you can hear are branches cracking and then falling to the ground with a huge boom. Luckily we haven't lost our power. Hope all goes well in your neck of the words.

  3. I think it is a cormorant. Lake Champlain? We got wholloped by that storm here in Maine. Slushy morning ride into work. Those all day seminars make my brain hurt. I learn so much and it is helpful but ouch.