Monday, October 24, 2011

Mountains & Farm Markets

The cows greet me in the morning for their treats.       Some are a bit more pushy than others....

The neighbors multicolored Scottish Highland cattle

Local farmers are harvesting and selling all kinds of veggies and fruits before Mother Nature brings the snow and ice.

A well built barn with morning glories climbing up the front.

                           A huge cow weathervane.      Copper, with a great udder.

A real farm road with farms, tractors and farm markets all on one road.

Shades of green on the fields as farmers continue to harvest hay.  The mountains are turning purple.

Clouds are moving back in.         More rain coming.

This cooler weather makes me crave hot apple cider and doughnuts.  

The autumn church suppers are going to be starting very soon in this very rural area.

I can hardly wait.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the autumn colors and all the squash and pumpkins. I would love to have Scottish Highland cattle. It would go great with my pushy sheep and goats.

  2. never thought I would see Highland's on your blog!
    Love,love,love that weather vane.
    I have been mulling cider for the past two weeks for a quick warm me up,something so soothing about hot cider...mmmmm

  3. I have to show this to my dad! He always has loved Highland cattle

  4. I want to be greeted by a cow in the morning. : -) Beautiful photos.

  5. Oh I like this post your photos are fabulous. The country life is the very best as you have shown.
    The weather vane is great I would love to find one of those. B

  6. What a gorgeous place. Absolutely beautiful pictures.