Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday With Cows

The rain has temporarily stopped. The sun has come out from the clouds and the grass is still growing. The cows are still happily grazing the fields.

The calves have grown strong and muscular and are acting more like their adult herd mates.

Many leaves have been blown away by the storms and wind, but the trees are still stunning.

Wish they would last for months.

Lots of great old barns look great surrounded by autumn color.

Jillian has grown into a very calm, gentle gal.   She has good manners when asking me for crackers and now understands several commands, especially the critical "back up." 
Jillian is Wanda's 2010 calf.    She is as mellow as her mom.

Wanda is still the cow whom everyone asks me about.       She stands out in the herd.  Not just for her brilliant color, but for other reasons as well. 
Wanda follows turkeys, pigeons and planes and sometimes forgets to come when she is called to come to the upper field because she is slowly following a caterpillar or a grasshopper in the tall grass.   Nothing escapes her curiosity.

~  She is one of a kind.


  1. Funny you should mention Wanda and her ADD. This morning Winnie was bellowing her head off, across the street. We'd just given them a new pasture yesterday.

    So when we checked her out, it turns out she was objecting to the hot air balloon that was stagnating overhead. She's never shown any interest in the dozens that have gone over since 2008. Guess she was channeling her mom today...

  2. What wonderful pictures as usual... and such beautiful cattle. I wish you could send some of your rain our way, we need it so now.

  3. The leaves are beautiful. Ours have fallen already and I look out the window at bare branches. Those little calves sure grow fast on Mom's milk, don't they? We shipped out our steers last Thursday, the market is up right now. Keep posting the pics.