Friday, September 28, 2012

Goose Guardians

My dear friend now has a pair of Buff Geese to guard her rare ducks.

They do a great job protecting the duck flock, PLUS they position themselves as sentrys in yard locations that afford them a wider view of the area.

Smart geese.

Handome geese. Male is on the left. He is a blue Buff.
Did you know that geese mate for life?

And when they run AT you, most people and animals, get out of the way!!!

I think there will be some goslings in the spring.

Can't wait to see what those look like!!


  1. my gander is one scary son of a gun. inevitably when we have visitors i tell them "DONT mess with that gander"...and the shortly afterwards i hear a full grown man screaming like a little girl and running for his life. *sigh* #iwasntkidding

  2. I love your geese!! My grandma had guardian geese as well, better than any guard dog.