Sunday, June 14, 2009


Look what found me today~!! This morning I drove a difficult 4 miles on a remote timber trail, then hiked in another mile + , then I had to ford a few streams and a small river to get to a small sandbar in the middle of a river to fish for the biggest trout I have ever seen. After about an hour I heard a strange noise, but didn't think anything of it until I heard sniffing on my right side. Lo & behold THIS is what was sitting on my right side, in the middle of NOWHERE. He was wet, thin, tired and a bit timid. He somehow sniffed my trail all the way through the woods and over the beaver dams. Amazing. Looks like a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog or one of those livestock guardian mastiff dogs. Just a puppy, about 16 weeks old. Loves to swim. I was so nervous this pup would get even further lost, that I couldn't concentrate on fishing anymore. I guess he will be my big "catch of the day."

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