Sunday, June 7, 2009


Spain has its infamous Running of the Bulls and Vermont has its Strolling of the Heifers. This event is a "must see" family affair that is in its 8th year of enjoyment. Main Street becomes engorged with cows as far as the eye can see. Animal lovers, farmers, 4-H'ers, musicians, food vendors and the general public are packed into the downtown area like sardines for the once a year celebration of "Dairy Month." There is a variety of free food--all Vermont grown, raised, made and loved-at the common area. I ate my way through the 3 cheese tables, the Stoneyfield Yogurt booth and the relish and preserves table. All free. I was too full to go to the artesinal bread tables, the salsa cooking booth, the grilled cheese cook off grill area and the free coffee booth. However, I did save room for the new Ben & Jerry's upside down ice cream. Politicians tried to milk cows, kids patted an assortment of animals at the barnyard area and adults listened to wonderful music while they ate their way from one end of the giant park to the other. I came home with a reusable canvas bag full of great foods, gifts and surprises. Vermont does a great job of practicing its renewable, reusable and recyclable motto and today was no different. Recycle bins and many renewable resource business were at vendors tables handing out brochures and more really cool free items. This is my favorite public cow event year after year. This year was even better than last year. June is dairy month. Make a cow happy, drink milk, eat cheese and try all the flavors of ice cream.

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