Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fish Tales

On my usual trek to check on the eagle nest the other day, I noticed alot of commotion IN the waters around the eagle tree. The water was errupting in dozens of areas and the continual noise of splashing could be heard from all areas of the pond. From a distance I could see shadows in the crystal clear water, but I wasn't sure of exactly what was going on. I kicked off my boots and waded into the water as far as I could go and then stood there in witness to a spring ritual that has been going on for eternity. The life cycle of the pond is continual. Adult fish make nests, find a mate, spawn and fertilize The young that are born feed the larger fish, turtles, herons and other waterlife. Two weeks ago turtles were walking everywhere burying their eggs. This week its the fishs turn to enlarge their families. Spawn on~!

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