Thursday, January 14, 2010

Animals In Disasters

There’s not a first responder in the USA who doesn’t have Haiti on their mind this week.  Most of us have recieved e mails the past few days putting us on alert, asking for equipment and requesting volunteers to do fundraising, communications and schedualing.  As the disaster animal rescue community holds its breath until word is recieved for larger amounts of specialized assistance, we are organizing friends, family and neighbors to care for our own farms, livestock and families should we be called apon to deploy in a moments notice.
Teams closest to the disaster will be deployed first. As those teams rotate out, more teams will be needed. Specialized responders with livestock experience will be called from all parts of the USA to assist.  My bags are packed and I have been updating our Animal Rescue Training Outpost (ARTO) website with updates and dispatches. The Humane Society of the United States ( , International Fund for Animal Welfare (, World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and Humane Society International (HSI) have sent the first disaster animal rescue teams ( DART ) to assess what is needed and where their emergency animal and livestock sheltering facilites will be located.  I assume we will know within the next 24-36 hours what "The Plan" will be.    

*Please  research the very best charities and aid organizations—those whose funds will go directly to help the people and animals who need it—and give as your situation allows.
The American Red Cross will expend the most on the humanitarian effort to assist the people. 
The organizations mentioned above will be assisting the animal rescue effort.

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  1. I found you from Dog Trot Farm.....and all day I have been wondering about the animals in Haiti...

    every living human and animal are on my mind today...

    Your photos of your dog is adorable..

    BIG TIME animal lover here too...My 14 year old blind toy poodle is the love of my life...and my 6 kittys too..

    I'll be following you along the way....

    more later,
    kary and Buddy