Friday, January 8, 2010

Frigid Friday

Every day when I check on the cows I notice two things:

1.  It is still snowing
2. The black heifer JulieBob is in with the big cows instead of her weanling friends.

Today she saw me and hid behind a big hay bale near the barn.  It's impossible for a black cow to hide when its snowing.  Especially her.  All the rest of the herd were pointing their hooves at her and shaking their heads.

I do hope her escape skills end when the weather gets better.  I give her credit for figuring out how to get in with the main herd and hang out with her aunts and older sisters.  It was 19 degrees here this morning and the cows were calm and content eating their hay and walking down to the spring fed stream to get a drink. 
As I headed back to my truck, JulieBob followed me to the gate to bid me a fond farewell and then returned to the greenest bale of hay to continue her meal.

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