Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This time of year the herd is feeling a little grouchy and many of them don't want to be hugged or petted. I chalk it all up to hormones. January is "cranky" month. The cows are only 3 months away from calving. Some are starting to really bulge from the calf within. They are eating much more and laying down more as well.   Their consumption of water and mineral salt has increased.  The cows that are due to calve later in the spring, like May or June, still allow me to pat them, hug them and check them for pidgeon poop on their backs.  From this photo it is obvious who will calve first in this group of three, and who will calve later.

I check and interact with the entire herd every day. Today they were a little dissapointed that I did not bring snacks. I have since gone to the store and got their preferred treat, so tomorrow they will be "Happy Cows" once again.   This photo also shows that cow familys tend to stick together.  All 3 of these girls are closely related.  Mother and daughters.   Excellant cows, having lunch.  Can't wait to see their calves.

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  1. I need to pick up some treats too! Runnin' low on cubes. They do tend to stick together huh.