Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cows, Barns & Emus

Lots of things falling down around me this week.....

As I drove down the road, the wind blew this tree down right in front of me.

I was lucky, but the speeding motorcyclist coming in the other direction was not.

A few miles later I discovered that one of my favorite old barns had come down in last weeks blizzard.
The heavy wet snow broke its last timber. 
Built in 1824

The wind is causing some complications around here. But the best thing about this wind is that it is drying out the fields and we were able to put most of the herd out to green grass!!

Look at those happy faces!

One of the more unusual experiences was seeing my first, newly hatched Emu chicks.  They are some really weird looking birds.  Here are 4 of them fresh out of the incubator and under the brooder lamp.

I really wanted two of them, but could not afford the price... so I came home with two of them in a different kind of "package."

I am unable to get the photo to display correctly, but you get the idea...

I had Emu burgers for dinner and they were incredible.

A beef producer friend of mine named a calf after me. There is no greater honor, in my book.

Here is a photo of the Janis calf.

That is one heck of a cute calf, if I do say so myself!

Can you guess the breed ?


  1. Ah, no greater compliment than having a calf named for you! I think your guardian angel was watching out for you on your morning drive. I don't quite know what to say about those newly hatched emus, Protozoic Age comes to mind. Stay safe!

  2. Hi I was browsing through websites and I ran across yours. I loved it and all of the pictures of your calves. I love your photography. The snow was what got to me. You just had a blizzard! I just wanted to say "hi" and I enjoyed my visit.