Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cow Dog, Minus the Cow....

She looks like a cow dog, acts like a cow dog and herds some things like a cow dog should.  She has some good herding instinct and is great moving calves.      But she really HATES it when cows LOOK at her.    She stops working.   Its been like this for 7 years and I can't seem to get her to change.        
Cow Dog Mavis gets severe anxiety when cows "look" at her. 

And for some dang reason, Mavis attracts cows where ever she is.  She is the best "bait" to bring a herd of cattle into the pens.    They see her for miles and come check her out and she HATES it.
She stops what she is doing, leaves the field, runs down the road and jumps into the truck.

She is so much better working with sheep.  They don't look at her.

If she had thumbs she would drive herself to the nearest ice cream stand.  I am sure of it.


  1. You tell that Mavis that there's No shame in being a sheep dog. That's a real nice even looking herd of Herefords. Are they purebreds?

  2. Nice looking dog. She just has chosen her career , we can't all be cowgirl

  3. But cows have those big eyes! I understand. She doesn't like to be stared at. Sheep aren't interested enough to stare.

  4. LOL!!


  5. Poor Mavis! Good thing she has the truck to hide in.