Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall - a month early

The drought has caused many changes in how Fall "usually" happens.

The leaves on the trees are dry and brittle, so they have little to no color, and fall off the trees over night.
Just like the tree here on the left.
Peak season is usually end of September and the begining of October or longer. Not this year. I think it has already started and will be over and done within the next 14 days.

The fields have been brown since late July and there isn't much for the cows to eat.  Even those "well known" black cows are suffering too.

Turkeys are ranging far and wide to find food. Dozens of them are on the roads, golf courses, patios, in haybarns, garages, silage pits, anywhere they can scavenge some food. These turkeys were grazing a hay field and doing well.

The fields of corn are brittle, yellow, stunted and low quality. The corn harvest has started a bit early as well.     The cows don't mind.

I saw some very contented heifers.  Of course they were staring at Mavis.  Mavis..where did you go....?


  1. Are those wild turkeys, surely not in Vermont? It's a strange year here too but because it is so much wetter than normal. It's usually more like the conditions you are describing.

  2. I love your herefords. They remind me of my Great Uncle. He used to raise Herefords. Such sweet cows.