Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dairy Queen

When I go food shopping, I can not seem to get out of the dairy isle.

All my favorite fresh foods are in that one area.

Fresh cheeses from all over Vermont.
Goat cheese, cow cheese and sheep cheese.   All very yummy.  All made in small batches from cows, sheep and goats that I drive past almost every day.   

Then there is all the fresh local organic milk.  Can you taste the chocolate?!!!!

See the milk on the bottom shelf with the cream on top?   Do you have that in your store ?

And then my favorite cooler has yogurt and keifer.   If you have ANY kind of stomach issues, GET some keifer!!   It is amazing how effective it is for ulcers, IBS and many other unpleasant stomach conditions.
I make my own every day, but occasionally I like to pick up some peach or different flavor as a treat. Especially when it is on SALE.

Shop in your local health food stores, farmers markets,  farm stores or your local Coop.   You will be happier and healthier.          Better yet, learn how to MAKE your own cheese, butter, yogurt and keifer.  If I can do it, YOU can do it!  There are classes going on all over the country, in every state.  Its fun and I couldn't believe how easy it was to make several different kinds of cheeses.

If you are in Vermont, go to for a cheese class scheduale.

If any of you know of any other classes in other areas, leave a comment with the info or website.


  1. According to one movie I watched, France has "over 300 ways to classify what is basicly a bacterial process" (Cheese). I love fresh milk. At the ranch where we used to work we would find an old range cow who had lost her calf, move her on horseback to the yard, put her in a chute, tie up on hind leg, so she didn't kick out heads off, and have milk until we found an orphan for her to adopt. Not the easiest cows to milk by hand but the milk was great and so organic. I think I really like Vermont.

  2. Anm I seeing milk that is not homogonized? Yehaw!!! I am on my way! I love fresh milk from the dairy (raised on a dairy farm) and cannot tolerate the boiled icky crap that sells in the stores these day!