Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crackers & Cows

Another busy weekend, packing, working, planning.

Went to hang out with the herd on Saturday and Monday.  They are an hour away from me now and I miss not being able to just scoot up the road to feed them apples twice a day.

So, I bought a box of their favorite graham crackers and headed North.

Most of the moms were nursing their growing calves when I arrived.

Then they came over to check my pockets.......  They found their treats.

Then I noticed how fabulous this 5 week old bull calf looks.  The muscling and thickness at just 5 weeks of age.    He has "the look."    Would be a nice herd sire for a beef producer looking to put more muscling and some length on their calf crop.       However, once the colder weather comes I am making him a steer.

My other surprise was how quickly Wanda's multiple punctures and scrapes were healing up.
The swelling on her leg is now completely gone.  I sprayed her some more to keep any and all flys off of her while she continues to heal.           Wanda always gets extra treats....

I sprayed the rest of the herd as they came for their cracker treats and checked each over.  Gwen's lumps are a little less swollen and she is looking much better.

As I returned to my truck, I found these two girls looking for a ride.

They were insistant that they wanted to hop in.  I was tempted to give them a ride back to their farmhouse, but thought I better not start a habit that would be hard to stop.   I gave them a treat and sent them on their way.

As I left the farm I glanced to my right at the view of a typical Vermont farm.    Lucky cows.


  1. Beautiful! The puppies did look like they would like to go with you.

    I'm glad the wounds are healing!


  2. Nice big calves. Simmentals here have the best calves out of all 1800 on the lease even better than the Charolais that everyone thinks are so great. I like the Simmentals best to handle too. Just nice cows.

  3. So glad the wounds are healing so quickly and well.