Monday, December 20, 2010

Barn Fire - Day 3

I have felt like I have been sleep walking through a bad dream for the past 3 days.

The barn is still smoldering and the air still smells of melted plastic, rubber, metal and burning wood.   It is windy today and very cold.   As I drove up to the barn this morning small fires were burning on some of the beams, still.
It is unnerving.

I went through 3 hoses today before finding one that would connect to the damaged water pump.       The cows were thankful.  They prefer fresh water to licking the snow.

I am really missing the tractor.      I am unable to move the big rolls of hay to the cows.        The farmer has been physically moving them all the way from the hoop building to the field for the herd.  He has been able, so far, to roll them the entire distance.      10 years ago I could do something like that until I blew out both rotor cuffs, my back and my knee.           Farmers don't get old, they just break apart, piece by piece.      


  1. Will your neighbor's help you? You might have to ask for help until you can get a new tractor.

  2. My heart breaks for you and the farmer. This is really terrible.


  3. What a disaster a barn fire can be. I had know idea how something like this affects people. I didn't realize the money value in all the farm supplies. God bless you and any one involved in this terrible ordeal.

  4. Still going on , and will be for a while! Goodness,I wish I was there, to ,I don't know wring my hands and worry? Tough farmer rolling out a round bale by hand.Hubby made a deal for his pickup, a peice of pipe with chains to hook on to the hitch.Put the pipe through the bale the roll it out behind the truck , would something like that work for you?

  5. Take care of you, so you can take care of them. It's about now you will feel pretty down, the post crisis crash.

    I'd be pretty depressed still seeing fires flickering.