Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Barn Fire - Day 5

Late yesterday the tractor was finally uncovered.

The hay spears warped from the intensity of the fire.

The once bright cherry red, tall tractor was now much shorter and black.

A dusting of snow this morning helped to cover some of the ugliness of melted tires and scorched metal.   But the snow didn't show any tracks of a certain feral kitten.

The bush hog and the front end loader were also uncovered.

The remains of the thick barn beams were put on a fire as the farmer and his son worked diligently into the night to clear as much  of the debris away as possible.    They have done a mammoth job, all by themselves.

There are no longer any beams and other debris covering the large area where there use to be a wonderful barn.    The ground is flat, the air still smells badly and the heaviest of the equipment will have to be dragged out, somehow.

I leave tomorrow for a temporary job and hope to have the funds to purchase the items I need when I return.   A frost free hose is #1 on my list, followed by salt,  a case of graham crackers,  a shed type waterproof storage container to put all the salt & crackers in,  grain scoops, buckets and all the other little things that made doing chores easier.   

If any of you win the lottery within the next few weeks, could you spare a tractor?    Age and color unimportant.

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