Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Secret Lives of Cows

Its a real motley crew that we share the farm with.  Its a mish mash of cattle breeds, genetics and stories.
I am just now beginning to see their differences and figure out who is related to whom.
Its all one big cow family and like any family, there is some dysfunction in this colorful herd.

In the following days I will be telling some stories about each of the cows in this group and I will be showing some rather unusual photos of what some of these cows do.
I have been a bit shocked about what I have recently witnessed.   It certainly is interesting and I imagine many of you will have comments about some of the cow activities which I am going to reveal.

They may look innocent to the average bystander, but let me tell you that these gals have some really weird idiosyncracies.  And yes, I will name names! (even though most of these cows have no names...yet) 

Stay tuned.


  1. I came accross your blog from another and find it very interesting! I love animals (more than people sometimes:) . I read the Hurricane Katrina post`s and it it broke my heart, thank god for people like you! Cant wait to read the cow "stories"!
    Donna, NY

  2. Oh, talk about leading us on!!! And since when have any of your cows NOT had names??? LOL

    We have a hoarse cow here, can you guess which one?

  3. Love that last pic! Now ,what could you say that wouldn't be flattering about those sweet little faces!

  4. OH! Good! I like stories about our animal friends!


  5. I love it and am really looking forward to your cow stories. They all have such personalities, places in the herd, family ties. I watch all summer long although it's hard sometimes to remember which of 1800 cows is which but some just stick out. Some have sad stories, some heroic, some sweet, some . . . well, some I'm afraid are too good of a mother to make handling them safe but that's our job. We tend to name the memorable ones too.