Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buried Fences in Vermont

The "Day After" the Candlemas Storm the sun actually came up and the temperature zoomed to double digits:  14 degrees!

At sunup I saw that most of the fences at the farm were buried.
Snow drifts and the snow falling off of nearby trees covered the e wires and most of the fiberglass posts.

All 4 corners of the field the cows are in, now have "invisible" fencing

Even the high tensile efencing and posts are buried.

The cows came over to check out this strand of buried fence

The hay is getting heavier and harder to hand roll out to the cows.

I am still dreaming of a tractor...

The cows soaked up the sun and happily chewed their cud all day.

The views, in all directions, were beautiful this afternoon.

 The trees all looked so good in their special snow trim.

I can almost smell the sweet sugar sap inside this delicious maple tree.

The pine tree family always watches over the herd and is a landmark when I start wandering through fields and get myself a little lost.

The nearby ancient cemetary is full of farm families from the 1600s,1700s,1800s and early 1900s.      Most of the rural roads around here are named after the early settlers that are buried here.    Even though the fences are secure, I worry that the cows might someday wander into this sacred place and do some manure damage. There is a village story about a team of Belgian horses that got scared while they were plowing and took off at a dead run and ran thru the original arch and tore it to shreds.    This is the replacement. 
I don't want my legacy to include "cemetary damage by Simmental cows."

As the sun went down this evening, it turned the majestic Vermont mountains a beautiful hue of purple ("Purple Mountain Majesty").

Now take a deep breath, cause we got another storm coming in 24 hours.


  1. Your photos are just stunning!
    It was great to see the sun today, but another storm on it's way (followed by another artic blast they say)...I am so ready for Spring!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog to say "howdy". Yes, that was quite a good storm we had and today was absolutely beautiful. I love the sun on the new snow. You've got some really nice pics. Where in VT are you?

  3. It is beautiful, but I know how much extra work it can be as well.Hang in there!

  4. Your place is absolutely beautiful! I can’t believe the snow and more on the way? Wow. The cows are making the most of it so that is good. I love the family of pine trees and the cemetery. Purple Mountain Majesty indeed. Thank you for linking up to FF Friday. Hope to see you next week too :)

  5. blogger just erased my comment...grrrr. just found you thru farm friend friday. so glad you joined. you will enjoy my post as it is all about my vermont ancestors. i miss them so much and miss vermont a lot. your cows are beautful! do you have other animals? if you had a tractor it might have difficulty starting in your cold weather. i have to start ours every so often so it will run in the lower temps. we are so much warmer than you though but we are going to 9 degrees next week...brrrr. take care and i look forward in following you!

  6. I'm a first time visitor to your blog. LOVE IT! I'll be back...

  7. Wow! And I thought I had it bad in Minnesota!

    I love your cows and the 'purple mountains majesty' photo is stunning...