Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Goonies

Last December I started to tell the unusual stories of each of the cows and calves in this colorful co-mingled herd.   I was sorting out the different family trees, weird relationships and bizarre personalities here amongst the two distinct cow herds that share this large farm property. The "Secret Lives of Cows" started with the story of dear Susan the ancient Jersey cow and Panda the calf.   Then the barn fire happened and other things took priority.   So I am going to try to return to giving a biography of each and every cow and each calf so that once all has been said, I can actually start explaining a few "secrets" that I have witnessed. These secrets explain some of the dysfunction ( just like in any family..) that sometimes has me standing with my jaw down to my knees. All in the name of education and good clean farm fun.

Today, let me introduce you to the group of 3 calves that I call the "Goonies."

All born last August.     Cute as can be. 

None are mine.    I never met the dad.  I assume he was a travelling Angus.
All were somewhat feral in the very beginning, they are much better now when they see me hanging out with the cows.

All nameless when I moved to town and brought my cows here.

No decent farm woman can allow animals to be nameless.

Keep your eyes on the calves, left to right:

Smudge has the smudge on her face,
Shorty is the black steer in the middle and
"Tiny Tim" is the tiniest black steer on the end

Each calf has their own personality and unique qualities which I will cover in the near future.
For now, I just want you to recognize them and look for them in all the past photos
and possibly think of more appropriate names as their stories unfold.

They are a handful, these three.

Can you pick out the ringleader?

They may look innocent and be the most adorable things to see in person, but I must tell you they can get into a mountain of trouble when you least expect it.

They are so small that if they weren't such a nice dark color they would of all been lost in the snow drifts from the snow storms we have had since January 1st.

To make it worse, the designated "babysitter" for these 3 decided to make believe she was on some beach in Hawaii this morning as the temps went up to 8 degrees and the sun came out:

The Goonies wear "Aunty Gwen" out.   

Now, which one of these calves do you want me to post about first?
Pick one.  And I will go take better photos and start revealing the true nature of these innocent looking cummudgeons.


The sun didn't last long.
At 4 pm we got hit with an unexpected snow squall.
Gwen's "Day at the Beach" ended abruptly!

By the time I got home there was 1 inch of snow.
I may be skiing to the cows tomorrow morning if it does not stop.

Vermont weather....  always a fun topic of conversation!


  1. My guess is that Smudge is the ring leader! Love your pictures and the names for them. Smude is cute, wel.... all calves are cute.
    Great photos,keep'em coming*wink*

  2. I think Smudge is the ring leader by the way she holds her head. Also Tiny Tim is just so tiny and cute!

  3. Smudge. I think he is very handsome. I love cows.

  4. Are these cows that will be eaten sometime in their life? I don't think I would be naming my food while it is still breathing, lol. Smudge definitely stands out in the looks department.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I enjoy seeing how farmers live in other parts of the country...I don't envy you the winter you've been having. That was us last Feb.
    I think Smudge is definitely the's written all over her face! :)
    Our cow don't all have names, but the ones who do have earned them!

  6. I would like to learn more about Smudge. I like her expression!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I enjoy yours's fun to see how farmers live in other areas.

    I vote for's written all over her face! :) Not all of our cows have names, but the ones who do have earned them!

  8. I'll join the Smudge as leader bandwagon! So of course we should hear about her first.

  9. Smudge looks like the ringleader, as previously posted. Perhaps you could start with her?

  10. Cute calves, the rule about Alberta weather seems to be ,"if you don't like the weather ,wait 15 min it will change"

  11. I just read about your barn collapsing. I hope the calves are all okay!

  12. Shoot, are you going to eat them? How can you eat something named smudge?

  13. I saw your blog on Best Posts of the Week and I love animals, so I'm joining your blog!