Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ms. Smudge

Name:  Smudge 
Age: DOB August 2010

This calf was here with her herd when I moved my herd to this farm in September 2010

Occupation(s): Mischief maker, Centerfold, Networking expert, Official Field Greeter, Cow teaser and Arobics instructor.
Outstanding Qualities:  Photogenic, Independent, Comical, Plays Well With Others

She may be small and dainty, but her personality is Big and she is a real survivor.

In a short 6 weeks this remarkable calf has escaped a barn fire and a fatal barn collapse.

Her elastic personality serves her well.

She is easy to photograph and finds her way into the majority of my photos.

No matter where I aim my camera, she is there and posing with her friends.

left to right: Panda, Smudge, Shorty

She often gives me that cute  "nose up" sign.

When I pull my camera out of my pocket she stops what she is doing and waits until I am done clicking and then walks off...with her bff.

She occasionally hangs out with her Aunt at the local watering hole and is not afraid to socialize with adults and chew some cud.

And she loves loves loves being out in snowstorms.    Her activity level increases with the speed of the falling snow.   Smudge initiates a game of  "chase me around the barnyard" and behind the Club house shed.  She gallops over snowdrifts with half the herd trying to follow her as she does a lap around the field.

Even though she is the smallest heifer, she leads the pack of August calves.
She is the "boss calf."

Where she goes, the others follow. She often leads the afternoon walk to the watering hole.  As I get out of my truck she starts heading my way with her pals.

And every day I watch Smudge wrestle with a few adults.

She runs circles around them and then comes back and.....

Butts head...and sometimes stays in this position for 10 minutes.

I haven't seen any of the other calves do this.

Smudge is always aware of people entering "her" barnyard and field and often comes over to sniff a guest from a safe 10 feet away.   She is very independent and takes every opportunity to make sure everyone knows it.

Except during bath time.... when she complains and whines just like any other kid who does not want anyone to see her being washed by her mom in public.

We are lucky to have her.


  1. She is really cute!
    Quite a survivor, I love the way you describe her!

  2. I think too, she sounds like a fun animal to have around the farm! I like animals with spunk!

  3. Smudge is so cute. I love her face. Thank you for the introduction.

  4. What a cutie calf. You write a lovely piece about her. cheers. ann

  5. Love the profile. Are you going to do others? I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even gotten to know last year's heifers.

  6. The up and coming BOSS cow!!!


  7. Very interesting to read, i think you really nailed her personality! Who know cows could be so entertaining and interesting.Looking forward to some more cow "profiles"
    Donna, ny

  8. Smudge is just beautiful. I love her personality. I never thought of cows having a pecking order, but I guess they need a leader. What kind of cows are they?

  9. Hi! I just discovered your blog through, I believe, Homestead Revival. I was looking for an e-mail to contact you, but I am losted. Ha! I am reading page by page your blog & loving every minute of it like it is a good book. My e-mail is Lowry517@aol.com. I would love to send your an e-mail about what I think. Just love it!