Thursday, May 19, 2011

Garden Time

The ice is gone, the ground is soft and the crazy rain is here again.

I have an abundance of seeds and some ready-to-go into the ground plants.

Its almost time to get the garden going.  I have severe garden fever and have had it for several weeks.

Although the calender says to plant after May 25th.
Its going to be hard to control myself!

The rototiller man was here last Saturday.

He widened my garden by 10 feet or more.    I was so surprised when I drove into the driveway.

I have 2 clumps of rhubarb and a tasty clump of chives already growing nicely in this 25x25 garden plot.

I may not have the largest garden in town, but I sure have a very scenic one!!

My best chair is going to have a great spot for the summer.

While I wait to plant, I am making plans.

Going to the Seed & Plant Swap was a great thing to do because all the expert gardeners there gave me lots of ideas.

My plan to eliminate/reduce weeds is to put down newspaper and straw between the rows and around the plants.  I have lots of soy inked newspapers I am saving for the job.

And today a very nice farmer delivered 6 bales of their home grown Vermont straw right to the door!

I picked up the required cedar posts for the rare heritage shell beans our 97 year old retired village doctor gave me.

Since I have been giving away a few bean seeds at a time to anyone that promised to grow some and SAVE some seeds, I only needed 4 posts.

I picked up a bag of some special Moo Doo too.

It has been raining hard for 3 days and right now its dark and cold. There is a probability of a hard frost this week, so I am really trying not to plant all my plants till the end of the week.

Until then, we are harvesting a bumper crop of asparagus every day from the big garden on the other side of the farmhouse!!

Every day we have a meal from these nutrient rich veggies and then freeze as many as possible for winter meals.

I went to check on the cows and came home with more plants, needed turnip and radish seeds, 3 dozen FRESH eggs from some very happy hens and black oil sunflower for the unusual birds that have been frequenting the bird feeders here.

I want to make a scarecrow for the garden.

Maybe a few of them.

Anyone have any simple plans how to bang one together?


  1. Did I see you say a "hard frost"; oh my, must be really chilly. Throw another log on the fire this evening. Rain, rain, and more rain .. that's what we've had. I'll never get back in my garden and when I do, it will be full of weeds, probably. Love the look of your asparagus; what a treat. Everythings look lush and green though. Take care, Debi

  2. We always used to get an old shirt and pants, stuff them with straw and tie the ends together so the straw wouldnt fall out, then stick a bit of wood down through the back for a post. They usually need a belt or something around them and the post to keep them up. It was easy and as kids, we loved making them! Im jealous of your asparagus, it's a fave of mine!

  3. The asparagus looks awesome! I have that garden fever too...trying to hold back from getting anything fragile out cold weather crops- peas, beets, carrots, kale, lettuce and spinach are all coming up though.